Comic book - Origin Story

Every Release, at it’s core is a story, the birth of a new character for the ether of comic related characters. It is most important to us at HERØ that the recording artist creates a character that is them manifested with super powers. Either for good or evil, our characters and stories should have real world relations and connections to life, something we feel the current comic model is lacking, the realism HERØ brings to the comic universe is game changing. Each record release will be accompanied by this origin story which will be presented as a digital 3-5 page comic, released through Amazon and other digital distributors; in specific circumstances, limited runs of printed issues will be made as collectors items.  



The music HERØ looks to sign will be indie pop, electronic dance / pop music and any and all vocally driven left of center sounds. Bleeding into the dance music, hip hop, and pop worlds is our focus. Distributed through SONY RED / The Orchard we have a powerful team that services our records to all DSP's and related areas for pitching. We also service all our records to dance radio and top radio stations, such as KISS FM and Z100.  The music above all else needs to tell a story, like the characters we build. We care little about genres at the end of the day and more about the meaning of the music. Artist’s come in many forms and we look to enlighten the world to these “superheroes.”  



Animated Short - Origin story

We wouldn’t be a true Comic Universe without the iteration of our work in visual & audio form. Naturally the evolution of each release is an animated short film, this will run as the music video. An interpretation of the artists character brought to life when we combine the record and our origin story depicted in the comic book. As an artist grows with HERØ and releases sophomore and beyond records, so too will the characters story will grow, expand and explore new emotions and powers. Each of the characters in the HERØ Universe will be able to easily move across stories, and releases to truly intertwine and compound the adventures you follow. Interact with our hero's on social media @HerosWearCapes.