In a Galaxy far far away….

Wait no that is the start of Star Wars; this is HERØ Records. We are a tight nit group of creative music nerds. We love all things Star Wars, Marvel, DC and Beyond. The point is we (like you) grew up on a crazy intense influx of incredible comic book and sci-fi/ fantasy... probably the greatest era for “geeks”... ever.

Our story however; starts with three music industry professionals; Matthew Medney, Peter Russo (better known as Voodoo Bownz) and the greatest Radio Promoter of our time, Brent Battles. Matt, a artist manager, tour manager and publicist is obsessed with the escape Marvel brings to his life. Pete, a creative mastermind best known for his work with music with an array of music icons who share the main stages of many large scale events, loves the dark and mysterious worlds villains & superheroes create.  Brent, an executive at SONY RED, has built a career for 20 plus years on plugging, positioning and executing on some of the worlds biggest music, The Chainsmokers: Don't Let Me Down, Flume, AJR, and more. Brent saw the passion and determination in Matt & Pete and joined forces to create a super "Hero" team of music professionals. 

The three of them faun over brands like Star Wars, Star Trek, and anything that smells like a mission to mars or beyond. One day Matt called up Pete and an incredible idea unfolded... “I want to make our own universe, our own characters and I want them to revolve around a record.” Matt didn’t even finish the proposal before Pete started discussing what characters could look like (even saying our (now) distributor at SONY could manifest into an "Evil Kingpin" type figure called "The Distributor). Durning one Miami Music Week event, Matt ran into Brent, and the reality of what could be started taking shape. The three of them started to imagine how they could weave realities together; they were all in, before they even had to says “Yes” to each other.  As the trio journeyed through time and space, (wait no, back to reality), as the trio journeyed through the nuts and bolts of creating a record label & comic universe, the two stumbled upon a relationship that would change everything (insert hans zimmer horns).

Matt had built a relationship with Brent that would stand the test of time, yes it was a young growing bond, but the bond was true and strong. Brent navigated the halls of SONY Red and their distribution power house, soon after HERØ would strike a deal, and be a SONY Red Label (pretty exciting stuff for a start up brand, think Spiderman when he got his new suit from Tony Stark- that was the level of joy the two felt).  

The universe of HERØ is complex and yet simplistic, some have called it “Revolutionary” in the music space, but the three founders call it “the natural progression of our careers. These are our passions and we eventually were going to melt them together.” The Label focuses on 3 key aspects with each release; "Comic Adventures, Music, and Animated Stories.” Each release will have a comic book drawn up, designed and packaged with a superhero or a villain that the recording artist creates with the team at HERØ. In addition, that character will receive an animated short, a music video per say, with the origin story of this new character with the recording artists music; eventually HERØ Records looks to create their own “HERØ Cinematic Universe” but for now the young thriving label will settle for a couple of platinum records for the walls.